On behalf of the Sunday School staff, I’d like to welcome you and your child to Millersville Community Church. Our Sunday School ministry supports parents by providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of your children in a Christ-centered environment as you worship. This brochure is designed to acquaint you with our policies and procedures.

If you are a parent or if you feel God’s call to volunteer in Children’s Ministry, we would love to have you join us. Please express your interest to me or one of our Staff Members. If I can be of any assistance, please contact me at 717-872-4571 or

Chris Reitnauer


Our Purpose:
With active learning, the teacher becomes a guide, pointing the way for the child to discover Bible truths through
hands-on experiences.

We offer Sunday School Classes for age 3 through grade 6 at 10 AM. Each class uses age-appropriate curriculum, manipulatives and classroom structure to maximize learning. We ask that you escort your child to the lower level and sign in at the Welcome Station. Please alert the staff to any allergies, medical information or behavioral issues. Nursery Care The Nursery is available for children age 3 and under at 10 AM. We ask that you sign your child into the nursery each week and the staff  will assign you a pager in the event we would need to reach you during the service. Please note that it is a vibrating pager, as not to disrupt the worship service.

Please label all belongings and inform the staff of any health or allergy information. Bible Explorers: We are committed to meeting the educational, emotional and spiritual needs of all our students. In that spirit, we offer a multi-aged Bible Explorer class during Sunday School for more individualized learning. If your child has unique needs that may extend beyond the traditional classroom, please contact us so we can discuss and create a plan for your child.

Sunday School Procedures:
Sunday School times are at 10:15 AM. Please ask an usher or host to direct you to the Sunday School classrooms if you are unfamiliar with Millersville Community Church. Our Sunday morning at Hope Campus starts with “Meet and Greet” at 10:15 where children will play and socialize in the large group area. At 10:30 AM, we will worship and pray together, along with making announcements and brief messages. After worship, children will be dismissed to their age-appropriate classrooms for Bible lessons. Children will be released to their parents from the large group area.

After your third visit, we ask that you complete a “We Care” form for our staff’s information. Blank forms are located on the Children’s Information table in the Sunday School hallway. Please complete and turn in at the Welcome Station.

Child Safety:
Here at Millersville Community Church, we strive to ensure that each and every child is safe and feels secure. We use a sign-in system for our classes, our adults complete a screening process and training classes, and we utilize child information from the “We Care” cards. We are dependent on parents to support the systems we have developed and to let us know of any special circumstances or incidents.

Snacks will be provided in the younger classes each week, and in the older classes on special occasions. The nursery provides age appropriate snacks and water to toddlers. If there is anything your child should not have, please tell a staff member and make a note of it in the sign-in book. We are a peanut-free Sunday School, we ask that you do not bring outside snacks into the classrooms or nursery.

We ask that you keep your child home if they show any of the following symptoms:
1. Child has an oral temperature above 100 degrees.
2. Child has diarrhea or vomiting.
3. Child has an undiagnosed rash, pinkeye, or head lice.
4. Child has excessive nasal congestion or uncontrollable coughing.

Our Staff:
The Sunday School staff is made up of volunteers from Millersville Community Church who are familiar with Sunday School procedures. We will balance free play with Bible stories, songs, crafts, and a snack. We will keep order to ensure all children’s safety and well-being. On occasion, we will need to correct behavior that is disruptive or dangerous. The conversation between teacher and student will always take place with another adult present and we will communicate incidents to you as necessary. Please let us know of any behavioral or educational issues that would be helpful information.

Drop off and pick up can be a very hectic time. If a weekday phone call or email would work better for you, please feel free to call or email our Director of Children’s Ministries, Chris Reitnauer at

717-872-4571 or We encourage families to join our Children’s Ministry Informational email list to receive notice of upcoming events, volunteer needs and other ways to become involved.